We are a family-owned, independent business. With the help of our renowned chefs, we create a wonderful world of sweets that are local, natural and fresh. Founder Louis Zanias had a dream since his childhood in Belgium to open a waffle shop here in the States. 35 years in the making, our New Hope store is the fruit of his labors, and named for his youngest daughter, Nina. So come visit us – you’ll love it here!
Spoon University, The Best Waffles in Every State in America
Nina’s wonderful world of sweets was founded by a Belgian who as a child dreamed of opening a waffle shop here in the US. These waffles are made in the Liege waffle tradition by combining a yeasted bread dough, similar to brioche, with pearl sugar derived from sugar beets that caramelize as the waffles are cooked in a heavy iron. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a waffle sundae topped with your choice of over 100 flavors of hand-crafted ice cream.

Somewhere Or Bust, A day in New Hope
"On West Mechanic Street, I did all of my eating, from Karla’s Restaurant to Nina’s Waffles. The open patio and eclectic mix of furniture at Karla’s felt like part eatery, part studio. Karla (or at least the male chef who purchased the place from her decades ago) cooks well. The soups are rich in flavor, salads healthful, and crab cakes crab (and not the breadcrumb filler that give most patties a bad name and taste). The mac ‘n cheese was great too, especially if you don’t suffer from (or don’t want to suffer from) coronary thrombosis. At Nina’s, the waffles were delicious and the homemade ice cream served as a perfect complement."